Molten Chocolate Lotus Puddings!!

Do I ever need to bake anything again? LOOK AT IT! This was a remake of the technical challenge on this week's bake-off, and I think I smashed it. The inside is lotus biscuit spread, and the cake is a rich sticky chocolate. The outside is a bit gross looking because I lined the ramekins… Continue reading Molten Chocolate Lotus Puddings!!


Lotus Biscuit Cupcakes!

  Possibly the best 'accidently vegan' food to exist is without a doubt Lotus Biscuit products; my personal favourite is the smooth spread (on top of a biscuit for the full impact). My flatmate Nikita and I have been known to go through a jar at a time of this stuff. It was only a… Continue reading Lotus Biscuit Cupcakes!