Main Meals

Curried Vegetable Pie

Week 6 of the Great British Bake Off - Pastry Week! My housemates requested I make a savoury pie (they are my official taste testers) so I thought I'd interrupt the excess of sweet stuff and try my hand at a savoury dish. Joe ate about a 1/3 during dinner and another 1/3 the next day… Continue reading Curried Vegetable Pie


Millionaire Shortbread

This, was not easy. Week 4 of The Great British Bake Off showed the contestants attempting caramel, therefore I also had to try and attempt caramel. It took a few attempts, and admittedly the texture of the firm caramel is a bit odd, yet not un-pleasant. If you skip the vege-gel then the caramel is… Continue reading Millionaire Shortbread