Cherry Bakewell Tart


Is this the best vegan dessert I’ve ever made? The answer is: most likely.

I had to make this a couple times due to a slight pastry disaster first time – turns out baking paper is pretty important when blind baking (can confirm uncooked rice baked into pastry is not a good combo).

The first bakewell I made I topped with royal icing, this was nice but super sweet so when I re-made it (with baking paper lol) I left the icing off. Both were amazing so if you like super sweet things then by all means add icing but if not it’s amazing without it too.




225g Plain Flour

150g Vegan Butter

50g Icing Sugar

3 tbsps cold water


160g Vegan Butter

160g Caster Sugar

160g Ground Almonds

1 1/2 tsps Almond Extract

1 “egg” (egg replacer powder – find this in Sainsburys or Holland and Barrett!)

45g Plain Flour

2tbsp cherry jam

Handful of flaked almonds

ICING (optional):

250g Icing Sugar

5 1/2 tsps water

1/2 tsp almond extract


  1. Combine the ingredients for the pastry, rub the dry ingredients and butter together into a breadcrumbs texture before adding the water one tbsp at a time and combining everything with your hands.
  2. Leave the pastry to rest in the fridge for at least 20 minutes.
  3. For the frangipane, combine all the ingredients except the jam and flaked almonds together until you have a smooth consistency (would definitely recommend trying this out the bowl it’s so good!)
  4. Pre Heat your oven to 180C (fan assisted)
  5. Once the pastry has chilled, roll it out onto a floured surface to the thickness of a pound coin. (TIP – flour your rolling pin and every time you roll your pastry move it around to prevent it sticking.)
  6. Drape the pastry over a greased tin, gently pushing the edges into the tin. Prick the bottom of a pastry with a fork. (I’m not a pastry expert but to help with shrinkage I would leave 1cm of pastry around the top of the tin – I didn’t for mine and it still worked out fine but if possible try it).
  7. LINE YOUR PASTRY WITH BAKING PAPER (!) and add baking beans or uncooked rice. Blind bake for 15 minutes.
  8. Take the tart out the oven and remove the baking beans/ uncooked rice. Bake for a further 10 minutes until the edges start to go slightly golden.
  9. Take the tart out and leave it to cool slightly.
  10. Spread the jam around the tart, leaving about 1/2 inch around the edge.
  11. Spread the frangipane over the whole tart (back of a spoon will do the trick!)
  12. (IF NOT USING ICING) Sprinkle over flaked almonds.
  13. Bake for 30 minutes – done!
  14. (IF USING ICING) Combine the icing ingredients until you have quite a thick consistently.
  15. When finished baking, leave to cool then add the icing and finish with flaked almonds.

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11 thoughts on “Cherry Bakewell Tart

  1. Talkin’ about a cake that is right up my alley! I’m all about fruit cakes and tarts and loafs at the moment, so I’m always on the lookout for a new recipe. This looks so delish, and I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded in making a good tart, so now is the time! Thanks for sharing this recipe, the slideshow looks ah-ma-zing!

    Would you be interested in sharing recipes with our community of passionate foodies? We’re always on the lookout for fun, new and delicious recipes like this one. You can find us right over here: and on Instagram @Creatorsdotco (where we share creations from the Good Eats community!)


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